Brocco On The Park – Sheffield

It really is great being involved in Hotel projects, especially new ones

It really is great being involved in Hotel projects, especially new ones. Seeing our products selected and then how they fit in with the concept of the hotel can be a very rewarding experience.

When that hotel is just up the road though.. well that is wonderful.

Brocco on the Park is an 8 Bedroom Boutique Hotel & Kitchen, situated in one of Sheffield’s finest neighbourhoods. Since opening in late 2014 the hotel has been impressing visitors with it’s welcoming and relaxing modern style. The building itself is a refurbished Edwardian Villa and somewhat of a local landmark. Pablo Picasso is rumoured to have stayed there on his trip to the Peace Congress in 1950, hence the Bird and Dove motifs dotted amongst the hotels interior.

We were approached early on in the build to supply some of the furniture & lighting for the bedrooms of the hotel, the “Scandinavian Luxe” look of the decor tied in very nicely with the style of our products. Throughout the hotel you can see our Long Island bedroom range, Dormir bed, Tubby chairs, Kinsale tables, Totem coat stands, Antwerp & Bloomsbury lamps as well as our Contrast pendant lamps. As a setting for our products, it is just about perfect.

Since the hotel opened we have also gone on to supply a large chunk of the terrace furniture with our Canteen tables and Rollo chairs being fixtures outside. In “the Greenest City in Northern Europe” every opportunity to be outdoors should be grasped.

If you are local, and you haven’t been to the hotel, the sampling the Kitchen is a great place to start.
If you are from further afield, you could do worse than follow in Picasso’s footsteps…

Brocco on the Park
92 Brocco Bank
S11 8RS

0114 266 1233

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