Can shelving help you strike a balance in a home office?

Thinking creatively about a work-space in the home has become something of a necessity for many of us, as we work together to keep our world safe

Thinking creatively about a work-space in the home has become something of a necessity for many of us, as we work together to keep our world safe. In these extraordinary times we’ve been thinking of some creative ways you can keep your household balanced.

Keeping your work space organised can be vital when working from home, compartmentalising can help separate your work life and home life, especially if you are beginning to feel they are blurring into one.
A simple addition of shelving to a work-space can stop a desk being overwhelmed with up coming tasks and reference material.

Shelving can also be used as a way of zoning areas within your home. You may have unexpectedly found your kitchen, living room or even your hallway now turning into a dual function room. The introduction of a shelving unit can help to define that space within the room without detracting from the existing style of the room.

Within our shelving ranges we have identified a few simple solutions to fit your personal style and interior designs ideas.

Our Serre shelving has a highly stylised design which lends its self perfectly to zoning areas within your home. It’s distinctive a-frame design has a distinct yet non-obtrusive presence that will let through light and also preserve a sense of space as you can still see into the area of the room you have zoned off.

Our Totem shelving units are both stylish and practical. The shelving unit can be used as a stand alone piece or used in multiples, it also works equally as well positioned against a wall as it does free standing in a room. A number of impressive combinations can be achieved using both the low and tall unit. Like the Serre, this is a shelving unit that will zone a space without having an overly obtrusive presence.

The question with exposed shelving is, can it be functional and still stylish?

The key is to keep things organised, by using storage boxes to organise and conceal your work. This also is a way as to keep your work life and home life separate when your rooms have a dual function.

Our Escalier is a refined shelving unit with a timber back ensuring that no books slip off or go awry. Taller and slimmer than the Serre unit, the Escalier has a different functionality as a wall based unit when it comes to using the piece within your interior. The height and static nature of the Escalier make a good anchor point for a space.

Should the requirement of books be central to your work-space, then our new Stroma range are the truest bookshelves in our range. These were designed with books in mind. The height adjustable shelves are not too deep that a book gets lost in them, the enclosed back and partially open sides are all very welcome features for a bibliophile. Like the Escalier, the Stroma are wall based units and a good anchor point for a space.

In terms of striking a balance between work and home life, sometimes literally closing the door on something can help your mind do the same.
In this case a cabinet such as our Ark range would work. It has plenty of storage options for an organised work-space and at the end of the day you can close the door on it until another day.
Out of sight, out of mind and all that.

For the small office space, solutions may have to become more left field.
Shallow console tables such as Tenby are ideal surfaces for laptops. There is also our Plus occasional table, which can be a side table come movable workstation.
In these work spaces, a tall shelving unit is not a likely option so maybe something wall mounted would work, even if it’s only a small surface area, it can make such a difference to the space.
Small multi-functional shelves such as our Hancock Plus & Shelfy wall light, can be an invaluable surface for a home office staple like a radio, stationary or a house plant.

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